Every individual has a different personality, core principles, beliefs, process, and attitudes similarly; every product management has a different style of working on a product.

Being a product person, you should be versatile to work with various industry products; what abides with you is how you manage any product idea or product and launch it in the market.

As an early product manager, I would like to write my philosophy and evolve this blog page with my earning experience.

Why is product philosophy important?

Every product idea needs a clear path to result as a building product which meets the customers need. The process of…

It is very common that there is always a difference in what customers want and what companies offer. The process where a product person or company tries to understand customers’ needs and designing a product is a very complex task.

In my personal experience i have managed many customers who will have very complex requirements which will have various conditions and thus often contradictory. It is very important for a product person to map what are the vital customer needs, which features the customer would MUST need, and prioritize them first. Also product person should get the vision of what…

Today I would like to write few basic concepts of Kafka Streams which any non technical person can read and understand, I am from a not technical background and i used to find difficulty to understand these technical terms.

So lets get started!!!

In todays world almost everyone uses Twitter, the popular social network service.

Using Twitter application, user can interact and post messages in their account, see messages of other users and comment on them. This popular social network allows users to interact and post the message and these messages are known as Tweets.

Do you know how many…

What do you do when you decide to buy a new car? Do you directly buy the car model you like the most? Or you blindly follow any suggestion from your best buddy to go for a car?

Nobody would like to spend money without being 100% sure about the car; usually, every one of us would go for a test drive on the car we would like to buy, we prefer getting behind the wheel before committing to buying a car. We do this basically to find out if there’s anything that is not good about it, which is not satisfying our expectation. This process of test drive helps us make the right buying decision. I am sure you all agree that test drives are a great idea before we buy a car.

As that matter of…

I was new to the team, and I was fresh in my role as a product owner, the team was working on two features for our very priority customer.
The team did not have any product owner or product manager before I arrived, I spoke to each team member to understand what they are working on and the features they are building on.

One product feature caught my attention, and this was because every member working in that feature gave me a different vision about the product feature. I could sense something is not right about product planning.

But as…

The product comes in Product Owners(PO) control or responsibility once Product Manager hands over customer product requirements to a team’s PO.

Which means now the product delivery is in the hands of the PO and her/his team.

Now let’s talk stage-wise a product owners roles and responsibilities.

  • First, after getting the product’s requirement, the PO will do a detail functional analysis and create a product vision.
  • Breakdown the requirements into epics and stories and add in the backlog
  • Release planning is a vital work of a product owner. …

First, we all should know why do we need a product owner? Cant a product be successful without a product owner?

So to answer this, let us assume we have a baseline product, how do we go ahead with it. We need customers who can use this product isn’t it? And how do we get customers? It is the marketing/sales department who will publish our product and try to attract customers in the market.

​Marketing person documents all his/her market research about the product which is called “Product Concepts”.’ and hands over to Product Managers. …

Sonia Dey

Lead Business Analyst,Product Owner in Amadeus Software Labs, Passionate about product, product management and singing.

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