Product-Led Growth — The Next Big Thing

What do you do when you decide to buy a new car? Do you directly buy the car model you like the most? Or you blindly follow any suggestion from your best buddy to go for a car?

Nobody would like to spend money without being 100% sure about the car; usually, every one of us would go for a test drive on the car we would like to buy, we prefer getting behind the wheel before committing to buying a car. We do this basically to find out if there’s anything that is not good about it, which is not satisfying our expectation. This process of test drive helps us make the right buying decision. I am sure you all agree that test drives are a great idea before we buy a car.

What exactly is Product-Led Growth?

Why your business should opt for Product-Led Growth Strategy?

This strategy ensures significant low customer acquisition cost. In this strategy, as the product itself does the selling, it has been observed that the sales cycle has become short and more beneficial. Undoubtedly this strategy is a capital-efficient way of growing in terms of capital optimization.

Key Benefits About PLG

  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Rapid globe scale
  • Higher revenue per employee
  • Better user experience

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