Quick Read On Product Owner’s Roles And Responsibilities

Sonia Dey
2 min readJan 26, 2021

The product comes in Product Owners(PO) control or responsibility once Product Manager hands over customer product requirements to a team’s PO.

Which means now the product delivery is in the hands of the PO and her/his team.

Now let’s talk stage-wise a product owners roles and responsibilities.

  • First, after getting the product’s requirement, the PO will do a detail functional analysis and create a product vision.
  • Breakdown the requirements into epics and stories and add in the backlog
  • Release planning is a vital work of a product owner. During release planning, the PO picks the priority requirements to be delivered in the release timeline.
  • Once the release planning is done, it should be presented to the product managers, stakeholders and other managements. If any changes are needed with the prioritization, it can be done before the release starts.
  • Next after the release plan, a PO should start grooming the team about the upcoming sprints.
  • PO should create stories with all details about the requirement, the goal of the story, and the acceptance criteria.
  • Then the 1st day of a sprint, sprint planning is done along with the team members.
  • On sprint end day, the PO should assess which all stories are complete and weather; it should be accepted as story completion or not.
  • PO attends the scrum meetings and sprint demos.
  • PO communicates with the customers and user.
  • Suppose PO sees any risk during a product development phase. In that case, it is the PO’s responsibility to communicate about the chance to others and plan for a mitigation of the risk.
  • If the development item is blocked for some reason, it would be POs responsibility to deprioritize the thing and take some other story instead.
PO Roles and Responsibilities



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